Katie Moore

You want to make sure you hear this haunting voice live.

Katie Moore is an uncompromising songstress and musician whose haunting music challenges quick categorization by laying its hat on the hooks between folk, Americana soul, R&B, and 70’s Southern California. Katie’s latest album, Fooled by the Fun (Club Roll Records) warmly illustrates her development as a songwriter and musical force. Built around a persuasive simplicity, the songs are anchored by her unique voice and emboldened with lush harmonies, guitars, violins, drums, piano and Rhodes. The album, produced by Warren Spicer, is a musical snapshot of musicians who have worked and played together for years. Fooled by the Fun features some of Montreal’s sharpest musicians: Mike O’Brien (Sin and Swoon), Dave Payant (Silver Mount Zion), Andrew Horton, Socalled, Warren Spicer, Angela Desveaux, Josh Zubot, Jessica Moss (Silver Mount Zion) and Patrice Agbouku (Islands), all contributed to Katie’s new record. Recorded live at Mixart Studio and at her parents’ home in Hudson, Qc, the songs were often captured in just one or two takes (with violin and string arrangements and backing vocals added after).